Mad Elf Beer!

Since it is Christmas in a few weeks and I am currently drinking a Mad Elf. I thought it would be a good idea if I wrote about it. Mad Elf from Troegs Brewing Company in Central Philadelphia. Is a seasonal ale only brewed between October and December. Mad Elf is one of my favorite christmas winter ales. The flavors range from a fruity cherry to a delicious chocolate flavor all in one sip!  You would think because of the chocolate it would be a dark beer but nope its a RED! So festive! For an ale though it does have a high alcohol content at 11%, but that’s what happens with ales. So at your next holiday part offer your guests some Mad Elf Ale. It pairs pretty well with some steak or chicken to.



Kenz o’Lantern best pumpkin ale

Since yesterday was Halloween. I thought it was only fitting to give a review on my favorite pumpkin beer. Kenz o’Lantern from Philly Brewing Company, is probably one the best pumpkin beers I have ever tasted. It is available from mid August to about now. Kenz o’Lantern is a darker ale. With every sip you take you get the pumpkin flavor as well as a great pumpkin after taste. If you like pumpkin but unsure if you would like it in a beer. You really need to try Kenz o’Lantern next fall.